Transportation Network Reachability

When it comes to travel time, the common problem is: given origin A and destination B, how long does it take to travel between the locations? Google map and GPS are the tools we use to acquire this information. However, have you wondered this question: how far can you go in 30 minutes? This might happen to you when you are in a new place, and want to have a tour of the city, or you want to test how is the traffic condition, or how convenient is the transit.

The problem can be answered by the network reachability: given one or multiple initial source, how far we can go in a specific amount of time respecting network constraints (i.e. traffic condition) and travel modes (i.e., pedestrian, bike, car, transit). This problem can be very common in transportation planning process. Knowing the reachability of the infrastructure/facility can help optimize the locating problem. Hereby, I developed this web tool based on route360 API. It can help transportation engineers to efficiently check the reachability from one or multiple locations. I have also developed scenarios to check the reachability to fire station in Portland Metro area.

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