Cascadia Lifeline Program - Transportation

Phase I

The objective of phase I is to identify the alternative emergency route from a designated origin and destination.

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Phase II

The objective of phase II is to analyze the mobility on the network. A case study in Portland, Oregon is presented. We created different bridge failure scenarios to analyze the sentivitity that the investigated bridge contribute to the travel time increase. The simulated results are expected to better inform the emergency preparation and devise efficiently traffic control scheme to improve the mobility on the network.

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Phase III

The objective of phase III is to investigate the accessibility to the critical facility on the state-wide network. The project will incorporate different hazards probability and the capacity drop of the road.

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This project is funded by Oregon State University Cascadia Lifeline Program. The research is conducted under the guidance of Dr. Haizhong Wang . I would also like to acknowledge Dr. Bo Zhao's help on map visualization.